Online Training Packages

We have developed a patented system of training our athletes with tremendous success. We have produced 5 national champions in cycling with our methodology. We have had everyone from NFL players, Olympians and weekend warriors all utilize our coaching and training services with great benefit. Most have had their best year of competition. So now we are bringing our services to the masses. We will still offer the individual personal training and coaching services but recognize many athletes have limitations with work and life schedules.

About AIC

Athletic Improvement Center's (AIC) philosophy is to create a balanced and efficient body to optimize athletic performance. Every athlete is unique and has their own specific deficits that are limiting their performance. We have developed a patented methodology for testing and training (Patent No: US 7,722,504 B2). We feel that the average training program will only widen the gap between an athlete's strengths and weaknesses. Through our patented and extensive testing, we identify deficits in proprioception, coordination, endurance capacity, strength capacity and power.

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