Register and Purchase Online Training Packages


Gaining Access to your training package requires a two part process. Please read the entire instructions before completing any of the steps to avoid confusion or delay in obtaining access to your training package.

1. You must first become a registered member of the AIC training site. Once you have registered you will receive an email that your account has been created and awaiting approval. You will not be approved until step two is complete and you have made payment.


2. You must then purchase your training program through paypal. Keep this window open so after creating your account with AIC site you can use the link to purchase your training program.


Both steps are required to complete your purchase and gain access to the program.

Once both steps are complete typically within 24 hours your AIC account will be approved. You will receive an email notification and you will have access to your training program. 

Note: Purchased packages are only available online for your use 1 week longer than the purchased package. This means that if you purchase a 6 week package you will have access to that package for 7 weeks. This is to try and accommodate our clients that may not be able to start as soon as they purchase a program.