Online Training Packages

We have developed a patented system of training our athletes with tremendous success. We have produced 5 national champions in cycling with our methodology. We have had everyone from NFL players, Olympians and weekend warriors all utilize our coaching and training services with great benefit. Most have had their best year of competition. So now we are bringing our services to the masses. We will still offer the individual personal training and coaching services but recognize many athletes have limitations with work and life schedules. The packages here are to help an athlete streamline a beneficial service that can then be fit into your own schedule. These programs are designed to give you a lot of “bang for your buck” in a short time frame. It should be noted that if you purchase a package it will only be available online for your use 1 week longer than the purchased package. This means that if you purchase a 6 week package you will have access to that package for 7 weeks. This is to try and accommodate our clients that may not be able to start as soon as they purchase a program. Please take a look and email questions if you have them. We hope you find a program that you would like to try out.

Program information:
 We have designed our programs into a tier fashion to make it easier for the user.
Our tiers:
 1) Foundation programs
 2) Enhancement programs
 3) Pursuit of perfection in performance

We utilize a lot of high intensity training in our programming so we suggest  when purchasing a program, you always start with a foundation program then progress to an enhancement program then to pursuit of perfection in performance program. This is our suggestion so that you can get the most benefit from our online programs. Each tier builds upon the work done in the previous tier and gives you the best “bang for your buck”. Instructional videos are also included with most programs to assist you in your workouts.

Price Structure: Prices vary depending on sport and tier