1. Lacrosse Private Lessons











  2. Kelly Christensen Wins Fire Cracker 5k

    Congrats to AIC Athlete Kelly Christensen on taking the win at the Fort Collins Fire Cracker 5k 

  3. VIDEO: Why deficit testing is so Important for athletes


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  4. Week in Review

    So I have completed my first week under the AIC training group. I have never really focused on core strength and condition as a major factor in my training regiment and I am excited to see my progression working with Jonathan and the AIC. So far other than being extremely sore, I think that my body has responded well to the training. I think that my favorite workouts are drfinitely 6 pack and the core series. The weather also played a major factor in this week's training. I spent a great amount of time indoors running on treadmills. I ran 50 miles this (shorter than what I was scheduled, but fortunately it is still early compared to where I would like to be come Summer). I am ready for week two

  5. First Workout as a member of the Athletic Improvement Center Team

    Today was a great workout. I have a feeling that Jonathan is taking it easy on me for now to ease me into the routine. Did the warm up followed by 4 miles. Once I got to the gym I stretched for a spell and followed up with the Tabata Core workout. It was great session. I really pushed myself and can feel it now. This afternoon I will close out my day with an 8 mile run.

  6. AIC In Velonews

    meredith Miller  In this October's edition of Velonews, check out a featured article on Meredith Miller and her training with Athletic Improvement Center.  Meredith is in her second year with AIC, and opened her season at Cross Vegas with a 6th place finish against a very elite field. She capped off her week in Wisconsin with a 4th and 5th place finish. 

  7. Race Diaries: Ian Holt

    This is the third year in a row I've done the Green Mtn Stage race in Vermont and it is truely one of the best stage races in America as noted by Velonews. The format is a 9km prologue that starts out with a climb then levels off, then a 72 mile circuit race with a long punchy climb. Sunday is the queen stage with a 70mile course that goes over 3 leg breaking climbs and finished on a mountain top with the last 500 meters being nearly 20% grade! Monday is the downtown Burlington crit and is a fast and technical crit, no cake walk.

    I wasn't sure how I was going to do in the prologue with all the travel but the 'sea level' affect was in full force and my power output was through the roof! Knowing the course I decided to crush the hill, pace the flatter middle section and attack the finish. I felt great on the hill averaging over 420 watts for the 5 minute climb and by the crest I had almost caught my minute and a half man! Kept it up to the finish almost catching my 2 minute man and knew I have a good time being 15 seconds faster than last years winning time. I ended up 7th only 29 seconds back from Cervelo Test Team and 2 time Giro Italia rider Ted King and only 11 seconds out of second place!
    The circuit race traditionaly comes down to a field sprint but the winds were strong and with about 20 very strong professionals on hand things were different today. One the first lap I snapped my chain and was able to get a SRAM neutral support chain and pace back to the field just before the climb. I moved right through the field on the climb and was able to go with Jermey Powers attack and pass him but just came short of catching David Veilleux who had attacked early and help off Tim Johnson to place 2nd on the KOM. A break went away the next lap taking away my chance to win the KOM as I was focused on GC. The last lap as I anticipated the GC riders went ballistic on the climb and took 2 minutes out of the break in just 5K and the rest of the field was left behind. We ended up going to the line with just 15 riders of mostly pros and I went for the win with 300 meters to the line but with the head wind I should have waited until 200 meters. No one had control the last few miles and if I had taken first or second I would have moved into 2nd place but I ended up finishing 6th gaining no bonus seconds.
    The road race added two new climbs that I had never done and within the first 5 miles of the race the attacks were furious up the climb with the GC guys already hitting eachother! I tested Ted King on the first climb bridging across to the break but he later shut it down. On the tough Middleburry climb I was with the big guns until the last 300 meters where I eased up figuring the decent would be easy to catch on, big mistake. The strong headwind kept the separation and it took 30 minutes of all out riding to get back to the leaders burning valuable matches. I moved back to the front of the group and recovered as best I could for the final leg breaking climb. As most of the field was left behind I stayed with the GC guys unil just 1km from the top when Ted King and I fell back about 10 seconds. The last 500 meters are nearly straight up and just look like a joke and I was able to sprint over the top to take 10th place, 7th out of the group with 3 riders having gone clear mid stage for the win.


  8. Cyclist Ian Gray and Phil Mann

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  9. Video blog Cyclist Ian Gray

     Look for more Videos from Ian..