AIC Athlete Bios and Testimonials

 Age: 19  Home Town:Baldwin,MD

As a competitive cyclist looking to get an edge on competition but also balancing training with other activities, AIC has helped me improve my performance without training taking over my schedule.  I've just started training with their guidance but can already see that their method will greatly improve my performance.  Both Kevin and Jonathan are knowledgeable, helpful and accessible, dedicating themselves to helping their athletes succeed.


Age: 34 Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 Triathlon
 I started training May 2011 with AIC, since ive started working with AIC my strength and endurance has increased dramatically. I race Sprint, Olympic, and 70.3 Distance events. i went through 2011 with big results, i was PR'ing every race, every split, every distance by Minutes. i took 46 minutes off my Olympic distance time and 54 minutes off my 70.3 time. and faired well at Olympic distance Nationals. working with AIC has balanced out my race strategies and pushed good results. looking forward to a fantastic 2012.

 Age: 32  HomeTown: Golden, CO Professional mountain biker for Honey Stinger/Trek  
I've been working with AIC for one year. I started in the winter before the 2011 cycling season. As a pro mountain biker, my season runs from March-October and I was looking to have a strong start to 2011. One of the challenges I face is entering a season with a good start due to a heavy schedule of work-related travel. 2011 proved to be the most successful start - and overall season - that I've had in my career. Winning an early season race was a direct benefit from my training with AIC. For me, the key was to be able to work my training into my schedule with a quality over quantity mentality and it proved to be successful - and fun since it was something new and refreshing.

Age: 41 AIC athlete:1 Year with AIC Hometown: Fort Collins Sport: mountain bike racer cat 1
Jonathan and Kevin have gotten me into the best shape of my life.  I’ve done much more than just build my endurance.  Their workout program has caused my whole body to get stronger.  The variety in the workouts really help to keep me motivated and fresh.

Age: 27 Hometown: Boulder, CO AIC athlete: 2 years
As a distance runner, I tend to get pre-occupied with running-only training and neglect other types of important cross training.   Working w/Kevin and Jonathan at AIC has helped me focus on core and strength training while continuing to run.  The program they created for me integrates my current training with whole-body resistance workouts that are fun, effective, and time-efficient. 


 Age: forever 39 :)
Home town: actually Albuquerque, but I live in Greeley
Worked with AIC - 3 years 
About 3 1/2 years ago I was having severe back aches and migraines (work related from being a dental hygienist) that my husband encouraged me to see Kevin. After 4-5 months of physical therapy Kevin started me on an exercise program through AIC. My strength, stamina, endurance and overall health has improved tremendously. A big plus is that i get very few headaches now and I have lost ~25 pounds. I never thought I would see the day when I actually look forward to exercising because I know the benefits I have received from it. I don't want to stop! 



  Age:33 Home Town: Originally from: Green Bay, WI. Now: Fort Collins, C0

Working with AIC is life changing.  Whether you are a professional athlete or someone interested in a healthy lifestyle, AIC will accommodate your needs.  As a busy mom and physician, energy is a priority.  My energy level has increased both in the home and at the job. I haven't felt this energized--both physically and mentally--in years.  Also, my athletic ability has improved in swimming, running, and skiing.  I owe that to AIC.  I recommend AIC to my family, friends, colleagues, and patients.  Well worth the money.